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Monday, December 10, 2007

Day 114-117 - Update and a Question

And now... because inquiring minds want to know... here's my "One-Day Challenge" update:

Everything was going great last Thursday until hubby came home from work with ten (yes, I said TEN!) cans of Libby's pumpkin... and the request that I make his second favorite dessert... pumpkin pie. (His absolute favorite dessert is cheesecake. Is it any wonder I'm fat? hehe)

I couldn't say "no" to my adorable hubby, so I actually used 2 cans of the pumpkin and ended up with 3 small pies. Oh yeah... he also brought home 12 cans of Pepsi and 2 bags of chips. Let's just say he doesn't drink pop... at all. And there are only a few cans left. And all the pie is gone. The chips are history, too. :(

I'm not blaming hubby for my mistakes, but this would just be SO much easier if he would adopt a healthier lifestyle, too! I'm going to sit down with him and have a serious discussion about our weight problems soon... as in before January 1st. Maybe the start of the new year will motivate him to get on board the weight loss train with me. And then we can both start heading in the right direction in regard to weight loss and fitness.

And now for the question: Have any of you ever tried Jenny Craig? I'm asking because I just get SO sick of thinking about food and what to eat and what to cook all the time! Sometimes I think that if I tried a plan like this, I wouldn't get so stressed out about food and weight loss. Essentially, I wouldn't have to think about any of that. I would just have to eat the food that was before me.

Maybe plans like Jenny Craig are the easy way out. Maybe plans like this are for desperate people. But I feel desperate at times. And nothing about weight loss has EVER been easy for me, so why not try it? Any thoughts?


Lady T said...

i say why not? do they teach you how to cook some healthy stuff too bc, personally, i would get tired of the frozen goods afterwhile.

i agree with you 100% here. i had a hard time when LR was around. it helps significantly if they other person is on board with you. or at least supporting you and concientious(sp?) of the type of stuff they bring home.

Shannon said...

Never tried Jenny Craig, let me know what you find out!!

You scared me with your title today :)

I think I would have ate and drank everything as well if Eric had brought it all home!!!

Carol said...

You break my heart! I want to just sit you down, force you to take a deep breath, and let it all out.

If you cannot resist temptations now, why would you think that you can resist them after going on any restrictive program (like Jenny Craig or the others)? What do you EXPECT to be different?

The program will not do the job for you. You still have to apply yourself, deny yourself the pleasure of over eating and assume control and responsibility for your food choices. Again, no short cuts or easy path!

It's like those people who elect weight loss surgery. In every case that I personally know someone who has gone this route, they lose a ton of weight, then, since they never did address their eating issues, they gain enough back that they are obese or fat again. How heart breaking is that? $20,000 and major surgery and they still over eat, 2 ounces at a time!

I'm wondering why hubby is bringing you fattening things, especially things he doesn't consume, like the soda. Does he have an interest in keeping you over weight? Maybe not something he consciously wants, but his actions speak loudly!

I think (as Dr. Phil says) before you can fix it, you have to own it. You have to see it for what it is. You are over weight because you have made poor food choices. Only you can fix that. There are a lot of food pushers but that doesn't mean we have to cooperate and be a "victim". Take your power back and take control of your eating habits (and your life). Decide what you want and go for it! Don't be passive and just wait to see how your life turns out, you have to be actively involved in making decisions as to which path you want to take. Do you want to be healthy, active, and live a long life or do you want to further isolate yourself by ignoring your situation.

You DO NOT have to be thin or skinny, but you DO NEED to be healthy. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your loved ones. But don't do it for them, do it for you!

I can tell by your posts that you are a very lovely person. A really nice person. There aren't a lot of them around but you do seem to be one of them. Give yourself a chance at life. Take care of yourself. Don't wait until January 1st, make the commitment this second and don't let anyone or anything sway you away from your decision to do everything you can to assure you will life a long healthy and HAPPY life.

I hope these words are not too harsh for you. I do not intend them to be. It just breaks my heart that something that appears to be so obvious to me is not so apparent to you. This is not the plan God has for you. God wants you to have an abundent life and being enslaved by weight is not part of His plan. Please . . . be kind to yourself!!!!!!

Chubby Chick said...

Sorry, Shannon! I changed the title. hehe

Blossom said...

This is the first place I've actually stated what plan I'm doing, and it's Jenny. I've lost 11.4 lbs since November 6. For me, the convenience of having the meals planned & made makes it fast & easy.

I've tried virtually everything else, and honestly, this one works best for me in the weight loss phase. Because some of the other plans give me too MUCH freedom (yes, I can eat 20 points worth of chips!). I think their selection of food is quite good (you can personalize your meals or go with a pre-planned week).

So I'm sure I will get some flack for advocating something that's not "natural, real food", but it's nutritionally sound (i.e. under the RDA of sodium, for example), and you add in your own fruits & veg. I will say, it's not the cheapest, but I've finally determined I'm worth it. Hey, it can't hurt to go in to meet with someone. Now is the time of year when they all have specials for the plans as well. Good luck! Ask me any questions, if you want.

Stamp Til Dawn said...

Funny you should mention this today. I just saw a new commercial with Valerie Bertinnelli this morning. It was so heartfelt. She said this is the first year that she is not making a New Year's resolution to lose weight.

I've never done jenny craig. I'm doing ww and it's working for me.

I think the best weight loss program is the one that works for you! Maybe Jenny Craig will help you get control and feel some success so that you can work on the other issues.

Good luck!

Leigh said...

never tried jenny, but are the chips and pop going to be gone when you start jenny?

this is what keeps me from starting something like that- because I still have to deal with food in the real world, like chips and pop.

I am back to counting calories. I know it will work if I stick it each day, everyday. I know the reason it hasn't worked in the past because I haven't stuck to in consistently and long term.

(and I know I haven't updated my blog in a while... been busy and distracted, but I will soon!)

Lyn said...

Hey girl! I tried Jenny Craig a few years back. It was a big waste of money and the food was icky. I hope you find something that you can work with!!

On pumpkin pies... you can make them much healthier by using egg beaters in place of the eggs, evaporated skim milk instead of milk/cream/evap milk, a bit less sugar, and NO CRUST. Just bake the filling in a pam-sprayed pie plate. Cut wedges and serve with redi-whip from a can. My kids and DH love it. Crust is evil.

Christy Ann said...

Personally, I'm not a fan of Jenny Craig type things. Just because you are eating their food, doesn't mean you can't/won't eat other junky snacks as well.

It's better to buy and prepare fresh food. Better for you and cheaper!

The only positive to Jenny Craig would be that you'll come to terms with portion sizes - my personal issue! It can come as a shock how little we actually "need".

Wallowgirl said...

Normally when you decide to change how you eat and actually follow it, they say that your mind changes how it feels about certain foods. I think Dr.Oz said about 4 weeks? I'm not sure. I have adopted a low-carb lifestyle now for about 2 months. I don't have the same relationship with my old food favorites like I used to. For example, I am relaxing the next two days because I am going on a mini-vacation. I just don't feel like eating tons of pasta, snacks, etc... I think it comes naturally when you decide to make the change. My husband is so bad sometimes but that is life in general. There are always going to be influences at work, from family, at parties, and for the holidays. That switch has to be turned on.
As for thinking about food choices, my grocery store in the meat section has started making pre-made protein dishes. The other day we had a flank steak roll-up. It had mushrooms, a little cheese, and spinach rolled up in a thin slice of steak. They even gave us the small tin baking dish to put it in. We went home put it in the oven for about 30 minutes and made the Green Giant veggie microwave mixture and we were done. Try your local grocery store. I don't know where you live but Wild Oats and Whole Foods does it too. And they are all natural. Good luck.

Twix said...

I don't know any thing about Jenny. One of the reasons I joined WW is to keep better track of the calorie counting. The greatest disappointment with this program, I have had so far, is that it seems that their motto is who cares about sugar. I was surprised to learn they don't encourage you to get sugar under better control. They don't seem to mind if you eat all your daily points in sugar and that bothers me. Don't even get me started on so called fake sugars...lol. Sorry I can't help you weigh the Jenny decision.
Believe it or not my sweetie does the same thing too! It's so frustrating! I know why he does do it, so it may help to know why yours does. Have a good conversation on it and you may be surprised by the outcome. :)

Heather said...

I feel the same way about my boyfriend, he eats like a pig and is skinny and is such a bad influence on me. its hard when the person you live with and love doesnt always pick up on the healthy habits. I think you could have done a lot worse though!

never tried jenny craig. someone I went to grad school with did it when I did WW and I did better than her. plus I didnt like that you had to buy their food.

Maddds said...

I personally feel that for long term weight loss - you need to be able to cook and make your own choices incorporating the foods you enjoy in moderation and picking healthier alternatives.

I haven't tried Jenny - so can't form an opinion but do know as somebody who had a lot of weight to lose, that I had to figure it out by doing it for myself and not eating pre-packaged meals that someone else has planned. I needed to learn what a normal size would look and feel like - and how to read my hunger!

I think all diets work as long as you follow them, but and this is a huge but you have to find the one that you can live with for a life time or as soon as you stop the diet you will gain the weight back!! I have gained it back so many times!


Trisaratops said...

I did Jenny in High School. Hah - that sounds dirty! Anyway, my girlfriend and I did it together and now our motto is "Jenny Craig can hang!". My major objection is that once you go off Jenny, you're going to have to learn to eat a proper portion of real food. It is sooo hard - and I know that planning each meal sucks, but there are other ways to do it.

My diet blog guru, Mel at The Amazing Shrinking Mom has just been trying a food program from a company called Pure Foods Fresh Start - it is low-glycemic food - so kind of low carby, but the food isn't processed like it is at NutriSystem or Jenny. Mel is using it to jumpstart her weight loss - to get over her 20 pound hump. Here's the website: http://www.purefoodsfreshstart.com/

It is very expensive, but if you're willing to pay what Jenny charges, then it could work for you. It could help you learn portion sizes - and you won't have to think about what to eat.

And, I empathize with the tempting hubby. So hard! I'm proud of you for saying something to him.

I hope that you find what works for you - and if it is Jenny - then go for it, lady!

Kriss said...

And a smack upside your honey's head, for bringing that crap into your house! ;)

I'm in the same boat as you, so please don't take this the wrong way...

Stop looking for a quick fix. We have A LOT of weight to lose, and the only way to safely lose it and keep it off is to do it slowly. Eat more fresh fruits and veggies and lean meats. Cut way back on the useless/bad carbs. And move around a lot.

Instead of looking at Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, would you consider going to a nutrionist? They can help you get a sensible, REAL diet plan. One which will allow you to eat healthy, without resorting to desperation.

Patty said...

It all depends on your nutritional needs and how you're facing your dieting issues. A few points to consider about Jenny Craig: It's a low-sodium diet. It's also very low in fiber, by itself, so you have to add fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes/beans and whole grains to the plan. Getting along with your JC consultant is key, especially when you have a lot to lose.

What your hubby's doing to you is called "benign sabotage". He has no idea that he's hurting you, so you need to sit him down and talk to him. I hope he finally understands and starts to support you in your endeavors.


Christine said...

Sounds like our hubby's should go away together for a while - eat all their food - and then come home. Hubby came home the other night with "something to make me feel better" - of course this included, ice cream, chocolate, m&m's - etc.

Bring me a head of lettuce. That will make me feel better. :)

Anonymous said...

CC, I feel your pain! I have not posted here before, but I have been reading your blog since the beginning.

May I suggest a possible solution to the "hubby bringing home food" situation? In my household, I am the only one who does the grocery shopping. That way there is never food in the house that I don't want in the house. This works well for me because my significant other actually can't stand grocery shopping, so he's happy to not be involved. I am suggesting that you adopt the same "policy" in your home.

For you, I think this would accomplish a few things:
1) It would give you an area of control, which it sounds like you may not get enough of in your marriage (based on previous posts about the decision to move, your responsibilities in his company, etc.)
2) It would prevent your hubby from sabotaging your food plans.
3) It would give you an excuse to get out of the house and find some nice local markets. That may inspire you to try new types of fruits and veggies (like PastaQueen's "lick the produce section"). It may also make you more comfortable in your "new" town.

I hope this helps! I am really inspired by you and your perseverance! Keep at it!

Here are some inspirational quotes that I have to look at on a regular basis:

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchill

"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another." Walter Elliott

"Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting." Napoleon Hill

Anonymous said...

I meant to sign that anonymous post... but I forgot. ;-)


Alyssa said...

CC - I understand what people on here mean when they say you should learn to do everything on your own. Many consider plans like nutrisystem or jenny craig a crutch. However, when you have a broken ankle, using crutches makes sense. You have a long road ahead of you, and using help in the beginning is imperative. From the things you've shared, life is overwhelming right now and any one of those plans might be just the thing to get you on the right road. In a few months, your eyes will have adjusted to the right portions, your taste buds will adjust to the right foods, and your hubby will know that if it ain't on plan it ain't comin home.

If I may offer a suggestion, one thing Jenny Craig might offer is outside companionship. I know that your counselor won't be your friend per se, but the isolation is sabotagin you as much as the food hubby brings home. Forcing yourself to get out and meet people may help too.

Best wishes.

Alyssa said...

Oh, and don't forget what your blog title is... the triumph of perserverance, not perfection!!!!

Scale Junkie said...

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Sonya said...

I feel like you are in the place that I was in a year ago. I was lonely, down on myself, and couldn't figure out why the hell I was having such a hard time with this weight loss thing when I was doing well before. For me it took meds (lol), to get me back to normal, but I think for you it would be helpful to really have a long talk with your hubby about how you are feeling and simply ask for his support with your weight loss efforts. That means that he doesn't bring that crap in your house again.

My mother (who goes to the meetings with me), it also struggling because my Dad totally gives her mixed signals. He pays for her to go to WW, and wants her to eat healthy and good, but then he brings chips and nuts into the house and offers them to her!!! What's up with that? She gets sooo upset because she doesn't have the dicipline and doesn't understand why he's doing that to her. I think my dad (even though he knows she wants to lose) feels bad if he doesn't offer. How messed up is that?

Anyway, keep your chin up. You can do this. I know you can!!!! You have.

As for the Jenny thing. I've never tried it. Some find it works for them, some don't. For me WW works.

Goaledgirl said...

Hey girlie! Just wanted to pop by and say hi.

Weigh to go..lets see said...

Well I know for sure what your taking about when you say you need that extra support of your husband, I go through the same thing with mine except mine TRYS to get me to do things...I have heard about Jenny Craig but don't know a whole lot about it. I have a hard time with Planning food out..which I really should be doing but I dont..anyway if you try it out let us all know...

honib1 said...

well I thought I left a comment with ya the other day but not sure now.. in any respect.. all the support you can get is important .. talk to hubby and explain how you feel.. and perhaps he will jump on board.. I did try Jenny years and years and years ago.. it was not for me.. but its been a very long time ago so the program may have changed and it may be just the thing that gets you started.. I do think that after you see a weight loss it will help motivate you to do it on your own.. you know.. work on portion control.. choices etc.. do what works.. thats my best advice

MB said...

I lost almost 70 lbs on Jenny almost 20 years ago but they found me again. Like every other weight loss program - it works if you do it consistently. I hear the food is better now but it is really hard to be social and stay on the plan with the pre-packaged meals.

After regaining all that was lost and trying Jenny again I would eat two or three of the desserts or other bland tasting food just hoping it would fill my cravings. It never did and the 2nd round of Jenny was unsuccessful for me.

Oh, and it is a bit pricey (but you are worth it if you decide to do it). Personally, I think South Beach is the way to go because you can eat in the real world without having to jump through too many hoops but we all have to find out what works best for each of us. Good luck and hang in there. I'm sure you'll be back to losing soon enough. :)

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